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    Johan Kajiyama (WIP)


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    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) Empty Johan Kajiyama (WIP)

    Post by Myth on Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:13 am

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) Sw7hh0

    Johan Kajiyama

    Created by Antaeus
    Finished on: November ??, 2013

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 15mihw5

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc   Johan Kajiyama


    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: West Blue
    Allegiance: Bounty Hunter
    Affiliations: N/A

    Character Theme Song

    Two Steps from Hell // The Raven Talks Backwards

    Character Job

    Bounty Hunter √ As a Bounty Hunter, Reine makes most of his money by hunting down rogue pirates and capturing them for the prize money. Most of his skills revolve around survival and chasing after his prey.

    Doctor {Apprentice} √ In his early teen years, Reine worked part-time as an assistant to the local doctor and through him learned the simplest of medical practices. His experience gained him knowledge that would prove useful in saving his life several times.

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    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Appearance

    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 154 lbs

    Reine is a very tall youth, though on Oren quite a few people grew to be 6 feet tall at an almost abnormally young age. In truth, Reine is a bit smaller than the average height for his age on the island he was raised on.

    He is very slim boy though with a somewhat pale complexion. Reine wears a rather haunting gas mask over his face with the left side covering his eye with a crimson lens. Only the upper right side of his face is bare, showing a vermilion-colored iris and very thin eyebrow. A small portion of his short charcoal black colored hair shows from underneath his hood.

    He is always garbed in a red jacket with the hood placed over his head and a black t-shirt underneath. He wears black pants with a large padded pocket on the right side and boots that have been weathered and dirtied by rain. He sports a pair of black gloves over his hands and some bandages that cover the wrist of his right hand and the lower part of his neck.

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Personality

    Since he was born, Reine has been characterized as a very hard-working, driven, and rather talented boy. Raised in a temple by a loving mother and father, he was a child of almost immeasurable faith and dedication before meeting Aurel.

    As a child, he had a good sense of humor and was extremely devoted to his family. He was honest, though prone to mischief where his curiosity got the better of him as well as certain perverse thoughts. He was also a chronic daydreamer and liable to suddenly shout something out loud after just thinking of it. As time passed however, Reine developed a more serious and somewhat malevolent personality which brought him into direct conflict with his father and mother's principles as well as the Templars of Oren.

    As a teenager, he became inordinately calm, focused, calculating, and regarded spirituality as more of a hindrance than a help. Though he retained a dedicated and hard-working personality, the once spiritual and sensitive boy grew to hate the rigid laws that governed the island and resolved to abandon them.

    He developed a rather sadistic disposition over his time traveling, even to the point of committing heinous crimes in secret of the law or when it was most beneficial to him.

    Reine revels in intrigue and excitement, finding it hard to resist danger and the chance to test his skills against strong opponents. He is adventurous and spirited to the point that he enjoys

    Character Goals

    A somewhat wandering spirit at heart, Reine is a man seeking fame and fortune in the world as well as to advance his plan of destroying Oren. To that end, Reine is also hunting Johan Hamasaki, a legendary trickster as well as the Hide of Leviathan.

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) Atnbtl

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Ito Ito no Mi

    Overview √ N/A

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc Abilities

    E-Rank √ N/A

    D-Rank √ N/A

    C-Rank √ N/A

    B-Rank √ N/A

    A-Rank √ N/A

    S-Rank √ N/A

    SS-Rank √ N/A

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) Ngr8us

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Statistics

    0 / 50

    Strength – 8
    Agility – 5
    Intelligence – 5
    Constitution – 7
    Fortitude – 5

    Weapon Proficiency
    5 / 5

    Martial Arts – 5

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Fighting Prowess

    Fighting Style

    Hasshoken (八衝拳 Eight Impacts Fist) √ Reine has mastered the basics of Hasshoken, an ability that allows him to create minute amounts of reverberating shock to bypass shields and armor. This skill can be performed through his punches and kicks, increasing the amount of damage he can inflict in hand-to-hand combat.

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Weapons


    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 4rb7uc  Combat Techniques

    Kaijū √ Reine strikes his enemy with a heavy punch reinforced with shock to bypass armor and shields and inflict reverberating damage.

    Monster Leg √ Reine strikes his target with a roundhouse kick reinforced with shock to inflict more harm on shields and armor.

    ???? √ 0000

    ???? √ 0000

    ???? √ 0000

    Union Techniques

    Special Techniques

    Johan Kajiyama (WIP) 2vv2xpg

    Reine Kajiyama was born in a temple on the humble island of Oren in West Blue. It was a modest and simple place to begin and his story was not one out of the ordinary. His father was an 18-year old Knight-Corporal and his mother a priest initiate of 17 years serving in the temple's sanctuary.

    Confused on how an 18-year old was a knight? The ruling body of Oren held much of its origin in religious rituals and practices. All cities held a sacred temple at the center and it was where all the political and religious figures resided. On the religious side, the Templars were the police force of the island who kept the peace and sometimes organized local prayers. On the political side, the Seneschal presided over a council of 18 others who created the laws of the island.

    The Templars were organized by rank with the Knight-Divine holding the highest status. Knight-Corporals were often 16-19 year-old boys who volunteered for knight training as Reine's father was committed to do the minute he turned 16.

    As it was, the young couple were prosperous and happy on this island... though it wasn't without sacrifice. Knight-Corporal wasn't extremely well-paid but it was considered work that would reward the diligent and the faithful later on in life. As a 5-year old child, Reine was happy nevertheless with the life he held. He commonly worked in the Temple's Sanctuary on a chore boy's wage doing odd jobs and occasional errands but the small network of friends he acquired was invaluable. By the age of 7, he knew almost every priest and templar working in that small town and had probably run an errand or two for most of them.

    As happy as he was at this time, there was one friend he made during this time who would forever change him. The boy's name was Aurel Gunther... the son of the local doctor who held somewhat unorthodox ideals. The two of them became fast friends, usually seen joking around and hanging out after school.

    Schooling on Oren was un-supervised by the temple ... mainly to conserve tax money. As such, policies and attitudes differed from the stereotypical politeness that priests and templars often held. Around this time was when he got the nickname "Komainu" from Aurel. It was first meant as an off-hand joke between the two of them... though it stuck with Reine.

    At the age of 10, Reine quit working at the temple much to his father's dismay and took a job at Aurel's father's clinic in town. The two of them pretty much fed off each other's demeanor until they were almost exactly alike personality-wise. They shared the same

    A few months after Reine turned 13, he and Aurel were arrested by Oren's templar organization and put on trial after they were jointly accused of assaulting Aurel's sister.

    The two managed to escape incarceration.

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